Top 10 Activities To Do In Turkey

May 16, 2019
Top 10 things to do in Turkey
Turkey is famously known as holiday destination mainly attracting tourists to its UNESCO heritage sites like Sultanahmet Mosque, Cappadocia, Ephesus and many more. But the country itself is more than sight-seeing and historical attractions. It is surrounded by the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea and surrounded by many mountains and green valley making it an excellent destination for Adventure activities. This guide has listed the top 10 activities that you can indulge in Turkey.

1. Walk the Lycian Way

Turkey has many mountainous ranges providing long-distance hiking trail with dramatic natural beauty. Ancient Lycia peaks, mountains on the Mediterranean are the best hike and trail track in the world. You can enjoy UNESCO heritage, Ottoman ruins, forest roads and rudimentary village paths giving a glimpse into the traditional Turkish culture. Some of the famous trail parks are in the village of Kaya Koyu, rugged slopes of Baba Dag, and many more.

2. Adventure in Kas

Surrounded by blue waters of Mediterranean and mountains of Lycia is considered as Turkey’s adventure capital. It is an old Greek fishing village located in the rocky location and providing excursions fro sea-kayaking to hiking. During kayaking, you can witness the ancient sunken city of Kekova and Saklikent canyon.

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3. Riding across Cappadocia

The valley is famous for its volcanic tuff pillars commonly known as Fairy Chimneys makes it one of the most attractive sites in the world. The Central Anatolian region is home of most intrigued landscapes in summer and winters. Commonly known as “Land of Horses” it is a perfect place for hiking and trekking.

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4. Cycling along south-west Turkish Coast

Turkey is gifted with the fascinating coastal line in the south-west direction. This village located between Dalyan and Kas attracting tourists. You can go on excursions or on a gulet cruise. Enjoy biking around weaving road on Turkish Backroads followed by swimming off in lovely Patara beach.

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5. Climbing Mt Ararat

One of the highest mountains spread across three regions of Turkey, Iran and Armenia, Mount Ararat stands tall at 17,000 ft. It takes around five days to reach the peak and is one of the most sought adventures. It is also famous as the resting place of Noah’s ark.

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6. Kite-surfing in Alaçati

Alacati is a well-known location for surfing kite. Alacati is an old Greek village on the Cesme Peninsula situated along the warm waters of the Aegean. It is an ideal place for exhilarating activities for adventure seekers. The most famous activities like surfing, windsurfing, and paragliding.

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7. Diving in Kas

The south-western region of Turkey is among one of the best diving sites in the world. Located on the Mediterranean has underground tunnels, rock formations, caves, and freshwater spring attract a lot of divers. You can enjoy parrot and damselfish, larger fish and many other groups of fish. It has Çukurbag Peninsula and other historic building waiting to be explored.

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8. Mountain biking in the Lake District

Lake District is located on the remote village at the close distance to the Mediterranean Sea. You can enjoy high-altitude roads near Lake Egirdir. This is the best mountain biking terrain.

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9. Sea kayaking in Lycian Coast

The Lycian shore is another gem located on the picturesque Mediterranean Sea. This uninhabited islet, crystal clear water and coves can be viewed through sea kayak.

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10. Adventure in Mugla

The Mugla region covers around 680 miles of coastline and it is the longest coast in Turkey. It is also one of the popular holiday destinations being the home of cities like Bodrum, Ölüdeniz, Marmaris. The region has numerous landscapes, rivers, and many ancient ruins ready to unleash your inner adventurer. The region provides ample opportunity to enjoy activities like canoeing, quad biking, and picnics.

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