Şerefiye Cistern-An Unknown Treasure

March 22, 2019

Istanbul can easily be labelled as a “water civilization” not only because of the famous Bosphorus but also due to the water structures built in the Roman-Byzantine period. The most famous water structures built during that era were public baths, fountains, cisterns, and aqueducts. Ottoman empire continued the expansion and building of these water structures. The Şerefiye Cistern is among the three biggest reservoirs of Istanbul giving it a unique identity.

The Şerefiye cistern, also known as Goodwill Cistern, was built between 428-443 by Theodosius II, the Byzantine emperor. The main purpose of the building was to store water from the famous  Bozdoğan Arch. In comparison to the Basilica Cistern and the Binbirdirek Cistern, Şerefiye cistern is smaller in the area. It has a smaller area and has a fewer number of columns. It is around 1600 years old and much older than the other two cisterns.The cistern was discovered in the early 20th century under the mansion and government building. In 2010, the restoration project started. It took eight years to completely restore the structure. Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the General Directorate of Foundations completed this project.

Where is Şerefiye Cistern?

The Şerefiye Cistern is located in the Fatih district of Istanbul, the historic part of Istanbul. The Goodwill Cistern is open for visiting between 09.00-18.30 with a small amount of 10 TL for locals and 20 TL foreign visitors.

Do You Want Visit Şerefiye Cistern?

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