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Istanbulkart will make your life easier in Istanbul during your trip.  Details »»


Istanbulkart is a contactless smart card for fare payment on public transport in Istanbul. It has a lot of benefit but 2 of them is very important and that is why we suggest you to buy this card. Firstly while you travel with any mode of public transportation bus, tram,metrobus,ferry& subway in Istanbul, you can use single card this will save your time and make all easier for you. secondly 1 token fee is 4 TL per person, but 1 pass fee with Istanbulkart is 2.35 TL and there is extra discountwhen you make transfer between this services.

We will provide card+10 TL money in it which will be enough for 4 people use 1 time and you can deposit if you need again. It has really common and easy credit loading system. If you get Istanbulkart, it will defienetly will make your transportation life easier in Istanbul.

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