Top Turkish Food

August 1, 2018
Turkish cuisine is known for its taste and texture across the world and it is gaining culinary recognition. Turkish food is true reflection of the rich historical culture which it inherited from Greeks, Ottomans, Middle Eastern and Balkans. Taste and speciality varies from region to region. We have picked top Turkish food that you need to try when visiting Turkey.

Top Turkish Food To Try

Corba : Delicious Soup

Hard to believe but this particular simple dish is loved by most Turks. Dont be surprised if you find them eating it for the breakfast. Most popular soups are lentil or tomato soup but you also try tripe, sheep brain or tongue soup. Another famous soup is black cabbage soup which is a traditional soup of North East of Turkey.

Kumpir : Baked Potato

It is famous street food which is usually available in the coastal cities and resorts. A simple potato jacket is baked with mashed potato and is topped with feeling likes cheese, suasges, pickles and Russian salad. The outer skin is crisp. If you are in Istanbul, then the best place to try this out is in Ortakoy.


Pide also known as Lahmacun is a popular dish served in almost all Turkish restaurants. It is a thin crust of pastry which is covered with toppings like cheese, meat , egg or tuna and baked in high heat stone oven. This is Turkish version of Westren Pizza. It is served with salad and ayran. It is an ideal option for many vergetarians.


Kofte a Turkish take on meatballs is usually sold in a wrap as a street food or served with rice and salads. There are many varieties of kofte and the tastes varies from region to region depending on the recipe. is the Turkish version of meatballs. Çiğ kofte is raw meatballs which orginiated in south east Turkey and is usually served as a snack or appetizer.


Baklava : Sweet Pastry

This is the most popular Turkish food which has also made in roads in other parts of world. If you have a sweet tooth then it is the best popular dish to try. It is inspired from Ottoman regime and is filled with pasteries, nuts and covered with a sweet honey or syrup. You can purchase it from supermarkets or famous pastry shops.

Street kebab

There are more than 35 different types of kebabs available in Turkey. They are sold on street karts in different cities. The word kebab literally means grilled charcoal. These minced chicken or meat kebab are cooked slowly on coal before being served in wrap and salad. It tastes best with a glass of famous Ayran.

Mezes : Appetizers

It is appetizer which is usually served before a mean or can also be eaten as a snack. The most popular meze is acılı ezme which is made from hot paste of pepper,
patlıcan salatası (cold aubergine salad) and  cacik (yogurt, cucumber and garlic).


This cheap and tasty street food is available in local market. It is a layered pastry which is filled spinach, cheese, potato and sometimes meat. Usually it is cooked on large grill and is usually served with tea or Ayran. It is ideal for the people who are travelling on a budget.


You can order this as it is easy to prepare by cooking peppers, onions and tomato with scrambled eggs. It is best served with homegrown olives.

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