Top Things To Do In Istanbul

Top Things To Do In Istanbul

May 17, 2018

Here is the list of top things to do in istanbul, that we have specially prepared for you. These have been carefully compiled from our experiences and guest reviews. We have tried to cover the hidden gems which are not that famous but are worth seeing. So i hope you enjoy your reading.


1. Sunset in Istanbul

Top on the list of top things to do is to watch a sunset or sunrise in Istanbul on Bosphorus is worth seeing. The best way to enjoy it on Bosphorus cruis. You will witness a nice overview of the city, both European and Asian side. On your tour, you will also be able to enjoy the view of old palaces and mansions while on the cruise. You can always opt for long or short cruise. Usually the short cruise is till the second suspension bridge and longer one is all the way to Black sea till sunset in summers.

There are many private and governmental options that you can choose from. You can book one of our private bosphorus cruise or standard one. For more information on this top of the list things to do click our page on Istanbul


2. Hagia Sophia

This is church is splendid evidence of architectural master piece which has been a mosque and now is considered to be a museum. Hagia Sophia has been restored and renovated and hence enables you to enjoy the splendor. You will be able to enjoy the spacious area and high dome. You can also enjoy the gallary and have a look at the marvellous Byzantine mosaics of Christ. Similarly you will also witness muslim caligraphy done in Ottoman period.


3. Topkapi Palace

Topkapi palace is one of the palaces built in Ottoman period. This complex contains around four lush green courtyards where sultans and their generations enjoyed principal residence for almost half a century. Top attractions to visit in Topkapi are Harem, treasury, weapon room and many other things giving you evidence of Ottoman’s splendor.

You will also get a chance to have breath taking view of Sea of Marmara, Bosphorus and Golden Horn


4. Basilica Cistern

This underground water tunnel is one of the fascinating structure. This Byzantine engineering used is an exquisite piece which was used to bring drinking water from Bulgaria to Istanbul. This undergrount cistern has now been renovated with dim light amd classical music in background. Some find this setting romantic and other find it as slightly spooky. You can walk on the treadways and enjoy the sight. You will also find Medusa head in Basilica Cistern structure which is considered to fight the evil eye.



5. Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

This museum has around more than 40,000 artifcats and collection on the display. It is built in one of the palaces of Ibrahim Pasha. Each room in the palace displays different Islamic period from 8th till the 19th century. You will find carpets, tents, and many other amazing historical items in the display.


6. Grand Bazaar

This bazaar is one of the oldest covered bazaar/shopping centers in the wold. It has around 61 lanes and around 3000 shops. It even has 60 restaruants, 18 fountains, 12 mosques and a school. You need to be hard negotiator if you want to go on shopping spree. The bazaar is famous for its carpet, leather, ceramics and jewelry. It is always busy and chaotic but you wont get lost as people there are helpful enough to guide you.


7. Dolmabahçe Palace

This fascinating palace is 600 meters in length having around 285 rooms ad 43 salons. Sultan Abdui Mecit built this palace in 1856 by. It is a symbol of Ottoman Empire splendoyr. They have used gold leaf, crystal and marble in construction of these magnificent palace. The main highlight of the palace is Baccarat crystal staircase, bathroom and ceremonial hall which has 4.5 ton chandelier. After foundation of Republic of Turkey, Dolmabahce Palace was home for great Ataturk. He died there on November 10, 1938 at 09.05. All clocks in the palace depicts the time of his death.


8. Galata Tower

Galata tower is one of the tallest structure in Istanbul from where you can get 360 degree panoramic view of Istanbul. You can also view princess island from the tower on clear sunny day. This tower is around 60 meter high and it also have restaurant on ninth floor. Apart from the view you can also enjoy the streets and roam around the tower. You will be abe to enjoy drink and some food.


9. Bebek and Ortakoy

These are two towns which are situated on the coastal area of Bosphorus. These coastal line give worth visiting sites to the dwellers and tourists.Bebek is a lively and green area and is mostly visited by local on weekends. Ypu can have breakfast, lunch or dinner with a great walk on the broadway and nice view. At night you can enjoy the buzzing nightlife.

Similarly Ortakoy, is  near the first bridge and is famous for its sunday craft market. This is a cobblestone and noise free street filled with cafes.


10. Chora Church / Kariye Museum

This church is also callled as Church of St Savior. It is located in Edirnekapi near old city walls. It is  one of the most amazing religious buildings in Istanbul. The walls and ceilings of the church are decorated with frescos and mosaics which have significant place in the Christian world.


11. Enjoying Hamam

Hamam in Istanbul is one experience that you need to enjoy. You and your body will feel rejuvenated by a good scrub in Hamam. You will be given fresh cotton cloth in steamy room where you will be scrubbed with rose water and brisk body scrub. There are many hamams in the city where you can enjoy the experience. One of the oldest one is Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamam and Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamam.


12. Kadikoy and Local Markets

This area is on Asian side of Istanbul which is famous for beautiful coastal lines and markets. Here you will be able to enjoy Turkish fresh cuisine. You can buy fresh produce from here and walk around the area which offers bars and cafe. It is also one of the best places to enjoy Istanbul nightlife. Whether you want to hear local music or perforamance while enjoying your diverse drink.


Are You Curious About Istanbul?

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