Top Things To Do In Ankara

October 29, 2018

Ankara is one of the most sophisticated arenas in Anatolian backwater. The economic success of the city is reflected in sidewalk cafes and booming restaurants which is  frequently visited by students, old timers and businessman alike. The history of the city dates back to Bronze Age. It served as an important trade zone but its importance declined in the 19th century. But in War of Independence it became the hub for all the political activities.

On 13th October, 1923 it emerged as geographical, political and administrative centre of Turkey. Now this city houses all embassies and government offices. This place has many reasons to visit. Apart from the vibrant street, it also boasts many monuments sharing Turkish story. Two most important monuments are Museum of Anatolian Civilisation and Anit Kabir, a resting place and a tribute to Ataturk founder of Modern Turkey.

Our little guide about top things to do in Turkey, will help you explore this city in the best possible way. Our guide is a mixture of both historical and modern places which gives you a sneak peak of how this city has evolved and became important political place. Dont miss out this place while planning out the your Turkey itinerary. We hope that you sure will be enjoying this little guide a lot during your trip to Turkey.

Ankara Castle

This castle will help you in enjoying 360 degree view of the city from the district of Ulus. In the old times, it served as defense post. It is one of the stronghold of the city with 42 pentagonal towers running at the top hence giving magnificent view.


Anikabir, a beautifully designed museum,  is the resting place of the Founder of Modern Republic of Turkey. It attracts thousands of tourists every year who are enthusiastically interested in historical significance presented here. The museolum is divided into four parts; Road of Lions, Peace Park, Ceremonial Plaza and the Hall of Honour. You will be able to hear and see lot of audio guides in different languages.

Museum of Anatolian Civilisations

Named as Museum of the year in 1997, this museum exhibits chronologically arranged materials from Paleolithic era and Anatolian archaeology. It is a best place for an introduction to the ancient history of Turkey and Ankara. Here, you can see many artifacts and Hittite figures tracing back to first millennium.


This observatory tower opened in 1989 and stands at a height of 410 feet. The word “Atakule” is made up of two words; “Ata” meaning ancestor and”kule” meaning tower thus symbolizing the founder of the President of Republic of Turkey. It is located in Canjaya and is open for tourist to look out over the city. You can also this view from the restaurant while enjoy 360 degree thus giving your panoramic view.

Çengelhan Rahmi M. Koç Museum

This museum is located next to the Ankara Castle which exhibits a wide range of material from different industries like transport and communications. Koc family has generously donated most of the artifacts here. This place is perfect for children.

Genclik Park:

This is first thing that you will see on your way to Ankara by train. You can see a big ferris wheel at Genclik Park which is surrounded by the greenery and water pools. This park has many pools, amusement park, open air theater and miniature trains. You can also purchase small monuments and food from the kiosks set up there.

Kuyumcular Çarşısı in Beypazarı

This is one of the historical place which is famous for silver work, jewellery and Turkish souvenirs. You can shop for jewellery, clocks, handicrafts and many other artifacts full of local characteristics which are available in Turkish household.

Haci Bayram Mosque

This mosque was built in 15th century and is dedicated to Bayram Sufi order. It is considered to be one of the most significant mosques in Turkey. Here, you can witness Arabic calligraphy on the walls, painted engravings on wood and other unique features on the mosque. Tourist visit this place for both religious and architectural significance.

Roman Bath

This bath helps in understanding the Roman history. It was constructed in 3rd century by the Roman Emperor Caracalla with three principal rooms; hot, warm  and cold baths. These baths were active in eighth century but were destroyed by the fire thus leaving behind only ruins. These baths creates an aura of wonder and mystery.

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