Places To Visit in Kadikoy Istanbul

January 20, 2019

Most of the people are aware of the European side and but they are not aware of the remarkable southern end of the Bosphorus. Over the past few years, this part of the city has registered on the cultural map of Istanbul by becoming the hub for cutting edge bars, art and cultural hubs, music venues, the political hub for liberal-minded people, and relaxed tree-lined streets, large scale graffiti works of Mural Istanbul. If you are planning your tour to Istanbul, do not miss these places to visit in Kadikoy Istanbul out of your list. It is one of the most active places in Istanbul giving you a glimpse of the city in different perspective looks like. Here are a few places where you can start your exploration of Istanbul from:

Kadikoy Pazari Area

This is one of the fresh market displaying vibrant colors in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables, dried peppers, aubergine husks, and fishmongers calling out passerby. This street is excitement for your senses. Enjoy the taste of fresh olives, fresh comb honey and much fresh food like no-frills lahmacun and pide, from famous Borsam Taşfırın.

Barış Manço Evi

Pay tribute to a Turkish rock great at the Barış Manço Evi

Baris Manco is a late singer-songwriter of the Anatolian rock genre on 60 and 70s era. He is a beloved singer in Turkey. It is now a  museum showcasing a collection of his family photos, personals, paintings and many more items from his personal collections.

Montag Coffee Roasters

Do not go on the exterior of this place. It is one of the best coffee shops from Turkish coffee to western coffee like cappuccinos and espressos and is like by people of all ages.

ArtHere Cafe

This cafe has work tables, paintings on the walls, books and magazines and many artsy things for you to enjoy. It was founded by Syrian photographer. This gallery is a community centre a house, work of Syrians, Turkish and International artists. Once a month, ArtHouse hosts a musical performance or talk or some event for the public audience here.

Basta Street Food Bar

Two young chefs founded this particular fast food restaurant with a Turkish twist in it. It is not a normal food but rather a unique food presented with some innovation. They have homemade with hummus served with hearty and healthy salad.

Antikacilar Sokagi

Cobblestone paved near Kadikoy Produce Market is a place that you should really visit. Vendors line up here selling antique stuff in different showrooms, vintage magazines, records, jewelry and many more. You can easily spend two hours browsing here picking up old photos and classics portraits of Ataturk for a souvenir.

Spirit of Circuit and Halka

Unlike the famous galleries like in Beyoglu and Nişantaşı, these galleries support the independent artists. These artists are funded and supported by art and culture initiatives of Halka Art Project and Circuit Istanbul. It is a chance where you can engage with local artists and even buy affordable art or enter into activity. Circuit also host yoga, drawing/painting classes in English whereas Halka hosts international participants on gardening workshops.

Moda Çay Bahçesi

Moda Cay Bahcesi, also called Moda Tea Garden, is a hub of tea, coffee and light snacks set near the Marmara Sea. It has a humble design surrounded by trees giving it a romantic outlook. This cafe is always bustling with tourists and locals due to its mesmerizing view and is an ideal place for strolling with a special ice-cream from Meshur Dondurmacı Ali Usta in hand.

Komşu Kafe

A place with international spirit, Komşu Kafe regularly hosts international global cuisine ranging from Syrian. Ethiopian, French and more with a basic theme revolving around the vegetable theme. It also has in house band playing flamenco guitar player or supporting young emerging musicians. It is an economical alternative providing an option of pay what you can afford concept.

Barlar Sokak

Quiet during the early hours, Barlar Sokak also known as Kadife Sokak is place loved by music lovers and revelers. It supports nightlife and performance spaces like Arkaoda in its large back garden. It is a famous hangout spot of the new generation of Istanbul and is considered as one of the favorite places.

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