How to get Turkish visa

How To Get Your Turkish Tourist Visa

May 22, 2018

Turkey a country mesmerizing everyone with their brimming culture, architect, delicious food, amazing landscape and enoromus shopping opportunities makes it a true hot destination point for 2018. Moreover, being literally the center of the earth, it provides easy accessible point for every country in the world. We have bought an easy guide which will help to get your Turkish tourist visa. So all that is left is to pack your bag and get your flights booked.

There are two types of tourist visa which can easily be acquired for Turkey

  1. e-visa for Turkey
  2. Tourist visa for Turkey through Counselate


1. Online e-Visa

For onnline application all you need is to create your e-visa application through electronic visa application system. You don’t need any documentation or photo for this application. You need to set up your visa and get a print out atleast 48 hours before your departure. Once you have entered your credentials and shared the supporting document number, you will receive an email for your e-visa. You need to get a print out of the application and keep it with your travel documentation.

Who Are Eligible To Apply For e-Visa?

If you satisfy the requirements listed below then you can obtain your e-visa:

  1. your passport covers the period of your stay in Turkey
  2. You have return ticket, hotel reservation and funds (atleast $50 per day) for your stay
  3. You travel purpose is either business or tourism; and
  4. You have valid visa OR residence permit of USA, UK, Ireland, Schengen Countries. Please note e-visas are not accepted.


How To Apply For A Turkish e-Visa?

It is very simple to apply, so just get ready and pack your bags:

1. Go to Turkish e-Visa websiteRead and follow the instructions. Submit your travel dates of your application. (Your e-visa is valid for 180 days from the date of application, your time of stay depends on the country of origin).  Following are the countries which are eligible to apply for e-visa:


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2. Make sure you meet ALL the requirements as mentioned above. Click the checklist and fill out the personal information on the page correctly

3. An email link with confirmation code will be send to your email address and once clicked it will redirect you to the payment section

4. The payment will be through credit card and it will be deducted from your account in USD

 5. Once you complete all the process, you will be redirected to a page to download your e-visa and payment receipt





2. Turkey Visa Through Counselate

If you do not have have valid visa OR residence permit of USA, UK, Ireland, Schengen Countries, then you will have to contact nearest Turkey Embassy or Counselate for the visa. To make an appointment you will simply need to complete the online form and head to the counselate on the given dates with the following documentations:

1. Biometric Photo

2. Attested income statement and invitation from a person inviting if any

3. Flight reservation and hotel bookings

4. Supporting document which confirms applicants commitment to return

5. Passport Copies

6. Itinerary of the trip

7. Original birth certificate


Guide For Filling Visa Application

Step 1: Scan all the documents and fill the required feilds of the application.

Step 2: Check and confirm the application once done. Save it and proceed to other parts

Step 3: Upload all the copies of required documents. An email confirmation will be send to your email address with appointment confirmation

Step 4: Print email confirmation and take all your documents, passport copy and ID photos

Step 5: Consular Officer will ask you question about your trip and financial capacity. After which you have to pay visa fee. You will told about the decision of your visa and release date will be sent through an email. Generally it takes one to four weeks to get processed.



All information on this blog page was correct at the time of publishing and may change at any time without prior notice from the original source. Packagetoursturkey is not affiliated with immigration authorities or their application centres and will not be liable for loss or inconvenience arising from the use of information from this website.



1) Do I need to have a ‘show money’?

Yes as the embassy needs to see that you have financial capability of supporting yourself in Turkey.

2) Is it necessary that one has to be there personally?

Yes personal appearance in required. But if you take services of travel agency then they can submit documents on your behalf.

3) Is an interview mandatory?

It is not mandatory but it might happen.

4) Can they ask for additional documentation?

Yes they might depending on situation.

5) Is a travel insurance necessary?

It is not necessary but it is preferred.

6) Do I have to show reservation for my local flights in Turkey?

You don’t need it but you can mention flight details in your itinerary.

7) My visa or valid residence permit from one of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK or Ireland is going to expire before my intended departure from Turkey. Is that fine?

No, the visa needs to be valid at the time of departure to Turkey.

8) Is it advisable to get seto avail of the services of a tour agency?

You can, but most of the time people apply without any travel agent.

For more information on turkish visa kindly check their evisa webiste and normal visa

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8 thoughts on “How To Get Your Turkish Tourist Visa

  1. Mohammed zillur Rahman mone
    January 8, 2019

    Will I need visa support invitation letter

  2. Package Tours Turkey
    January 9, 2019

    Dear Mohammed;
    We are sorry to inform you that we do not provide such services.

    However If you book any package tour from our company we will be happy to give you the confirmation letter for your support.

  3. Oilk
    March 2, 2019

    Turkey Tours
    The underground cıty was amazıng and so was our guıde Mustafa. The vıews of the valley were spectacular. A wonderful trıp, worth doıng.

  4. October 20, 2019

    i really liked your article , but i have just one question , do i need to have visa to visit turkey if i am from Italy ?

    • Package Tours Turkey
      November 1, 2019

      Dear Nadia;

      Yes you need a Visa.
      You can apply online or you can get it at airport easyly.

  5. Cherilyn edselyn gragasin
    December 30, 2019

    I have plan to take a holiday this coming year. I want to know what kind of valid visa need to show or documents need because I’m working here in Hongkong as OFW. Can i use my working visa for my documents? Can I apply for an e-visa? My friends invite me to turkey and he will give me a notary guarantee that he will support my food and accommodation.

    • Package Tours Turkey
      December 31, 2019

      Dear Cherilyn edselyn gragasin;
      You are welcome to Turkey any time you want.
      You can apply for e-Visa online.
      just follow the process on web site.

  6. Kenechukwu P A..
    March 13, 2020

    Please l need an advice on how to get Turkey visa.

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