Coolest Neighbourhoods In Istanbul

July 26, 2018

Istanbul is such a giant cosmopolitan city and is a mini representation of many cultures prospering in the country. This city like the country itself shows imense diversity with respect to the people, food and even the neighbourhood. Istanbul will give you flavour from traditional areas with ethnic touch to a modern upper ends glittering with European styled boutiques, art galleries and what not. Here we have compiled the list of the coolest neighbourhood of Istanbul where you will love to spend time with people.

Galata Area

Beyoğlu district is famous known for its historical structure Galata Tower which overlooks the cobbledstoned streets and classical building. You must trot down the Galid Dede street to get to the Galata Square and check out the coolest shops in the neighbourhood. Every street in the surrounding area provides interesting things to explore. You will also be able to find Dervish house which serves as a museum. There are famous restrauants and eat out cafe like Mavra where you can hangout with the locals at any time of the day.

Galata Tower
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Karakoy situated at the foot of Bosphorus sea serves as the most important port of Istanbul. The renovation of this historic city started back in 2012. Now it has become one of the most blooming area with trendy cafe, restaurant and boutiques. Usually on weekends this part is full of local and wandering tourists. It also attracts bicyclers and joggers due to its amazing coastal dedicated paths.

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This part also located in Beyoğlu district is where you will be able to fine best antique shops and dealers. This place attracts history lovers. It is also famous for the Museum of Innocence founded by Nobel Prize winning Turkish author Orhan Pamuk.

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This place is famous for its rich Greek Orthodox and Armenian neighbourhood of Istanbul. It is full of colourful old houses and churchers. You will also find famous Church of St. George who was senior patriarchate in Constantinople time. This makes it one of the coolest neighbourhood in our list. You can find many vintage shops, art galleries in the surrounding streets.

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This place is considered as epicenter of Istanbul nightlife. The area is located in the nieghbourhood near Bosphorus Sea and is also famous for waterfront mansions and fish restaurants. You will find lots of gastro bars to satisfy your appetite. At night, the neighbourhood become full with youthful frenzy enjoying their nightlife at late night out near Bebek Arnavutköy street. You can enjoy the beautiful houses which spice up pictureseque neighbourhood.

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This is one of the most visited area by the visitors. It is definitely worth the visit from the European Side through the ferry ride.  Here you will find a lot of cafes, restaurants, bars and branded shops. This place is also a great place for long walk to give view the European Side from Asian side. Moreover, it is also home one of the famous football club and its fan.

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These are sure to visit neighbourhood because of the rich historic flavor embeded in architect and aura of this place. The city


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