cool things to do in Istanbul

Cool Things To Do In Istanbul

August 18, 2018

Istanbul is rich heritage city and one of the most popular tourist destinations of world. This city is full fun and interesting things. For first timers, it might seem that this city can only give you historical trip but we have bought some cool and fun things to do in Istanbul.  This article will give you a glimpse of fun things which you can enjoy in Istanbul apart from the mesmerizing historical trip.

1. Street Art Tour

Istanbul has beautiful graffiti art all over the city. So you can find shop shutters, car parks, old streets. This can famously be found in Sishane and Karakoy. You will be amazed looking at this modern art and they would enjoy the totally different aspect of this beautiful city.

2. Ottoman Jewellery Workshop

You can surely find beautiful ornaments in Grand Bazaar but you can also enrol yourself in Ottoman Jewellery making workshop. There are people who give you 3 hour classes where you can make your own souvenir under the supervision of master craftsman. So if you are interested in this program, try the Eren Usti classes.

3. Istanbul Bicycle Ride

Bike tours are pretty common way of networking with the local and other foreign tourists. It is organized on both Asian and European side. You can rent your bicycle from the shops near Kadikoy and enjoy a ride of scenic landscapes, piers and parks. You can also stop to take beautiful pictures of the places. Don’t forget to get your safety equipments when going on bike tour.

4. Try Turkish Paper Marbeling Class

This is one of the fun activities that you should try. You would be able to try your hands on Turkish paper marbling (Ebru) class and get to unleash your artistic side. You can enjoy 2.5 hours of the class and make aqueous patterns.

5. Play Backgammon 

Try your luck at this game. This is one of the most favourite games played by locals. You can look for a local cafe offering the games and enjoy it with a cup of Turkish tea. This game dates back 5,000 years and originated in Persia and then found its way here.

6. Try Turkish Hamam

Your visit will be incomplete without experiencing the famous Turkish Bath which also known as traditional hamam. You will be amazed how relaxing the experience will be. You will be given a towel or you can strip off to your natural suit. The staff will give you bath and will massage after a hot steam bath.

7. Fishing with locals

If you fancy fishing, then you can buy bait and rent a rod from the vendors on the Kadikoy Bridge. You will see people lined up on the bridge indulged in the fishing. If you are interested in grabbing a good spot then you better arrive at this place early in the morning. The bridge also offers nice views of the old city.

8. Mesmerizing by Whirling Dervish

This ancient sufi ceremony is performed by the people who believe in divine love and want to lose themselves in God. It one of the most mesmerizing experience which will give you peace and maturity. So if you are in Istanbul do book yourself to witness this experience.

9. Rowing in Istanbul

You can row to Golden Horn which is an important region in Istanbul. It has been popular spot for both beginners and expert rowers where you can enjoy the landmark from water. Experienced and licensed teacher help you with it. There are many places which can provide you with this experience.

10. Try Local Cusine

You can roam in the old city and enjoy the local traditional food. Dont hesitate to try kebap, simit and other famous food when you land in Istanbul.

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