Best Beaches In Istanbul

March 12, 2019

Spring and summer are here and it is time to get ready for a trip to beaches. It is perfect weather to get away from the congested areas and relax on the south coasts of Istanbul. You will be tempted to get away from the hot weather and tourist rush in this month.  The beach is only twenty minutes away from the city center. For those of us who live in Istanbul, it is a real pleasure to be able to enjoy the sea which is only twenty kilometers from the hustle and heat of the city center. The Northern part of Istanbul is still very wild with forests, beaches, and small villages. The beaches borders the Black Sea offering sandy beaches and most of them are unknown to travelers. We have bought the best beaches in Istanbul where you can enjoy the beautiful Black Sea and a fun day.

Burc Beach

Related imageThe land is owned y Bogazici university and it is a place where you will enjoy a good day. The beach extends two kilometers and offers a wide range of activities like canoeing, kayaking, volleyball, and windsurfing. It also has bars and beach where you can enjoy music. This beach also hosts annual World Championships of kitesurfing and many concerts.

Admission: Weekday 40TL – Weekend 70TL

Solar Beach

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It is a perfect destination for family and your friends with a beach extending to 1 km and offering activities like jet skiing, surfing and more. There are also many good restaurants, bars, and stores near the beach.

Admission: Weekday 40TL – Weekend 70TL.

Suma Beach club

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It is a private beach with the internet, a bar and forest land for a perfect outing for you and your family. Many adventure seekers also come here for ultralight aviation, volleyball, and many other beach sports. It has a casual atmosphere and often hosts many concerts for the tourists.

Admission: Weekday 40TL – Weekend 60TL

Uzunya Beach 

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It is a charming beach with a familial and quiet ambience. It has a perfect mixture of sand and grass making it a perfect spot for relaxation. You can also enjoy good fish and mezzes restaurant.

Admission: Weekday 40TL – Weekend 60TL

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