40th Istanbul Marathon 2018

November 10, 2018

Every year Istanbul Metropolitan Muncipilaty organizes Istanbul Marathon. It usually happens each year in Oct-Nov. This year this 40th series of this mega event is happening 11th Nov, 2018 with an expected participants of 250,000. This race has now become a symbol of friendship and peace and is attended by international atheletes and diplomats.

Historical Significance of Istanbul Marathon

Thirty years ago, in 1978 Istanbul officials went to Egypt to see Nile Marathon. Same year, the Istanbul metropolitan city decided to initiate the marathon on the similar basis in this famous city. In first marathon of the country, around 34 people gathered to run on the course of around 700 meters. At that time the marathon track was mainly Bosphorus Bridge. Hasan Saylan, a Turkish athelte won the first marathon. Now this marathon has evolved into an international event. Each year. athletes and tourists from all across the world participate in this marathon to spread the message of peace. Since last 30 years, it is one of the most important  sports highlight of European-Asian continent.

This year well known athletes such as Ian Thompson, Terry Mitchell and more than 30 international professional runners will be participating in this marathon making it a happening event. It will also be a testing ground for Turkish athletes. The marathon starts on the Asian side of the city and finishes at Sultanahmet in the European side. The major hallmark of the race course is the famous Bosphorus Bridge. During the race you will be able to enjoy the outstanding view of Bosphorus, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Golden Horn.

Route of 40th Istanbul Marathon

Following is the route that marathon will follow:


Age Limit     
The age limit for 42K race is 18 years.
Aid Stations                                         
Drinking/sponging and refreshment stations are provided every 2.5km after 5kms.
Award Medals                                     
All marathon finishers will receive a commemorative medal at the finish line.
Maximum Time                                   
6 hours.
A recycling chip which is going to take the running time will be given to all runners at Marathon and Sport EXPO. All runners must tie this timing chips to their shoelace.
Free transportation to the start area will be provided for the participants on the race day from Taksim, the city centre and from Sultanahmet.

Some Trivia About Istanbul Marathon

  • The course is asphalt, traffic. It’s in the world where the marathon is.
  • The course changed three times over the years.
  • A special category is also available. In 2003, 571 athletes (523 men and 48 women) from the marathon category only.
  • Participation in the public sector was 150,000 people.
  • In 2013, around 20,000 local and foreigner athletes at the road race in different categories, among them wheelchair runners. The prizes were US $ 1 million.

More Information

For more information about Istanbul Marathon please log in to  this site.

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