16 interesting fact about turkey

Interesting Facts About Turkey

May 8, 2018

The land with long and rich history which dates back to many centuries. Turkey is a land where different civilizations, ethnicities and religions left their marks and is always mesemerizing everyone. Whether it is the first chapel or the oldest railway line, the land is full of so many secrets that you don’t know about it. We have bought 16 interesting facts about Turkey.

These less known facts are sure to surprise you. So why not go through them and let see how you feel about them:

1. Country In Two Continents

Turkey spans in two continents; Europe and Asia. Asian part is famously known as Asia Minor and the European part is known as Thrace. Around 5% of Turkey’s area is in Europe. Istanbul is the city which separates Asia from Europe. This beautiful city has two region Asian and European side separated by Bosphorus sea. Recently. Turkey opened the first underground tunnel for metros and car. This tunnel is built under the sea connecting both sides.

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2. Home of Troy

The legendary city of Troy is located in Turkey. If you are fan of ancient history than this is the place that you have to be. Turkey is famous for Trojan horse and the war. You can witness the remnants of giant walls and Trojan Horse which archeologists call Troy V or Troy VI. You can also check out our page, if you are thinking about going there on a trip

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3. Home of Ancient Civilization

The most interesting fact is that this country  is known to be the home of earliest advanced civilizations known to man. Two of the cities that have been excavated dates between 9,000-5,000 B.C. The inhabitants of the settlements had well-built homes, farmed and maintained domesticed farms.

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4. Whirling Dervishes

Whirling dervishes are dancers who originated in Turkey. These dancers spin in a dance as Sema, in which they turn on axis with a raise hand towards heaven notioning a connection with God’s grace. It passes through heart and then into the earth itself. These whirling dervishes are follower of Maulvna Rumi.

5. Home of Oldest Churches in Turkey

Apart from many major Christianity sites, Turkey is a home of one of the religion’s oldest churches in Antakya. Apostle Pereter himself dug this church. Later it was later stone facade by the Crusaders. Every year many christians from Europe, America and Africa visit these holy sites to pay their respects.

                                                                                                               Antioch Church | © Volkan Hatem/Wikimedia Commons



6. Birthplace of Santa Claus

Santa Claus also known as Saint Nicolas was born in Turkey. He was a christian saint and Greek Bishop of Myra was born in Patara, Lycia which is also know as Demre. In recent times, there is on going search to find his final resting place which some people say is in the southern part of the country.

                                                                                                                        Saint Nicholas | © ccbysa30/Wikimedia Commons

7. Second Oldest Railway Station

Tunel underground funicular started functioning back in January 17, 1875 and became world second underground railway after London. This line connects Beyoğlu and Karaköy and is one of the oldest surviving rail lines in continental Europe.

                                                                                                                             Tünel | © Michel Huhardeaux/Wikimedia Commons

8. Home of Oldest shopping Center

Grand Bazaar in Turkey is one of the covered oldest bazaar in the world. This bazaar has 4000 shops scattered in 61 streets. This marvellous place attracts around 250,000 to 400,000 people everyday. This bazaar was built in 15th century by Sultan Mehmed.

9. Home of First Combat Pilot

Sabiha Gokcen was the world’s first female fighter pilot. She was an orphan and was one of the eight adopted children Ataturk. Ataturk enrolled her in the aviation school after seeing her interest. She was supposed to learn skydiving and adopt that as a career but she had more interest in flying and she ended up being sent to Russia to get a special training. Her name is listed in Guiness World Record as first combat fighter pilot and an airport in Istanbul is named after her.

                                                                                                                                                                        ©Sabiha Gokcen

10. Home of Mount Ararat

Ararat is famously known as the resting place of Noah’s Ark after the end of the flood. This name has appeared in Bible is equivalent to Hebrew word Urartu which refers to the name of kingdom that flourished between Aras and Tigris river between 9th and 7th century BCE. This is mountain is considered sacred by Armenians who consider themselves to be the first race after Noah flood. Many explorers have tried to find the hidden remains of Ark but till date it has not been confirmed 100%.

11. Turkey Introduced Tulips to the World

Contrary to the popular belief, it is Turkey which introduced tulips to the world and not Netherland. The botanical name of the flower originates from the Turkish word Turban which was a headgear used by Pashas. Ottoman exported this flower as a gift to Netherland where it rose to popularity. But the evidence for the love of this flower can be seen in architecture and arts.

12. Home of First Agriculture Seed

Around 11,000 years ago, inhabitants of Catalhoyuk started cultivating wheat and barley. Historians consider this as an earliest example of agriculture. Turkey is now famous agriculture country and produces wheat, rice, cotton, silk and many other crops which are exported to many other countries.

13. Oldest Known Religious Structure

Turkey is known to be home of oldest human man made religious structure called Gobekli Tepe. This neolithic ruin was first discovered in 1960s but its significance was not realized till 1994. This structure is approximately 12000 years old which places it around the same time that the last ice age ended. It was an active civilization for three millennia before it was abandoned around 9000 years ago. This place is mesmerizing and asking for more attention as it is not only the oldest temple but the skills used in building it was ahead of its times.


Göbekli Tepe | © Teomancimit/Wikimedia Commons

14. Home of Hazelnuts

Turkey is one of the country which is rich in agricultural land and favorable weather conditions. Apart from other crops this nation is famous for production of hazelnuts. It is contributing 80% of global production and has been exporting the integral Nutella ingredient for more than 6 centuries.

15. Home To World Heritage Sites

Turkey is home to 15 World Heritage sites which is more than most of the countries. This country apart from being one of the most beautiful place in the world has famous archaeological remains like Goreme National Park, Gobekli Tepe, and many more popular monuments. Every year around 150 archaeolgical digs are made.

16.  Inventor of Parchement

Turkey is the home of parchement. Parchement was invented when Egypt stopped exporting papyrus to Pegamum. They were afraid that the library here will become the largest library than Alexandaria.

You probably didn’t know a lot about Turkey, but our little guide will help you in getting acquainted with Turkey more. These 16 interesting facts make Turkey more special. This country is epicenter of history, culture and what not. There is much more to Turkey than the beaches, markets, industries. The country is bustling with interesting history, religous and literary hostory, civil wars and multitude of languages.

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