10 Best Souvenirs To Buy From Turkey

10 Best Souvenirs To Buy From Turkey

June 12, 2018

So you have going on a trip to Turkey and fancy what to get for your loved ones. Turkeyis exotic location location and rich history attracts more tourist and hence more people are expecting that you would bring them amazing gifts. So we have developed a list of 10 Best Souvenirs to buy from Turkey. You can now ask youor friends to bring back those flashy instagram feeds and bringining back amazing things.


1. Turkish Kilim Rugs

So the best and I think the heaviest thing to take from Turkey is the rugs. This is on our top of the list of  1o best souvenirs. These beautiful rugs attract attentions of many tourist. There are beautiful rugs available in Grand Bazaar. This bazaar which is one of the oldest shopping places has the best available Turkish rugs. You can also find some other shops in the Sultanahmet district which can deliver the rug to your destination. Hand made pieces of art takes more than months to be yarned and are sold at a very high price. Just be careful of fake rugs as market is infilitrated with Chinese copycat versions. Take an expert with you while visiting.

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2. Sweet Baklava

Baklava in Turkey is unlike anything you will ever taste in any part of the world. You can get the best from the place which has been making the delicious sweets since 1840 in Kadikoy Gulluoglu in Istanbul.  Try different flavors and can pick out dozen or two for your friends back home. You can always look for Turkish Deligh from Safranbolu and Hacir Bekir Efendi.


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3. Turkish Marble/Blue Ceramics

Turkey is famous for its ceramics and one should also experience the art of making your own. Though it looks harder to try but in actuality it is load of funs. These blue ceramics are best gifts for your friends and family which are inspird by ebru and a Turkish paper marble technique. You can find them at Grand Bazaar and many other famous places.

More importantly if you ever visit the region Cappadocia then red clay pottery in Avanos is one to look for. Local usually take the clay from the river and make household pottery items. You can also try your hands in Avanos and have a go yourself.

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4. Nazar Boncugu : The Evil Eye

This far more popular souvenirs which one buy from Turkey, also called and known as evil eye. According to the folklore it is used to ward off bad luck and is still used by Turks in their homes, cars, etc. You can get it easly from any where. Izmir is the famous district which produces the countrywide production of evid eye.

5. Nargile Pipe

If you are fan of smoking sheesha then Nargile pipe is the gift that you should take back home. It is sold in many different sizes, most people usually buy it for decoration and it is also available in other falvurs. You can find them at the city center like nargile cafes at very cheap prices.

6. Quality Leather

Leather sold in Turkey is of high quality and is traded to many other countries. Moreover, many brands also use the quality leather products like jacket, skirts, trousers, purses and all are good temptation for the people to purchase. It is considered a very high priced product and is sold like a gold in the shops. But you have to bergain hard if you want to purchase leather at a very good price.

7. Tea and Coffee

The country is popular for its love for tea and coffee and it is available in different flavours and types. Turks always drink their tea in small tulip shaped glasses. which usually is produced in North-eastern part of Rize area. Similarly, Turkish coffee is usually served in small copper cups and is a good replacement for many caffine addicts. Turkish coffee is black and very trong. One should be fan of stronng flavour if you want to try Turkish coffee. So take back these  beautiful coffee and tea cups. Similarly you can also take back grinded coffee and tea leaves for your friends and acquaintaces.

8. Exotic Spices

Spices have special place in Turkish household and Turkish cuisine. Usually, these are added in the dishes for flavours in most of dishes. So you can take sourvenir packages to your friend. They are usually available in Spice Market adn Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. Pul Biber also known as red chilli flakes and Sumac which is dried and ground red berries is most popular spice which is used in soups and salad.

9. Tukish Hammam Specialities

Turkish towels also known as peshtemal are famous for its stripes and tassels. They are thinner then average cloth and dry fast and it can be bought from Laly Dunyasi where you can find all bath related stuff. These peshtemals are traditional part of the hamam which became famous and known as Roman baths.

Similarly there is face scrub cloths which are super silky and soft. Most of Turkish Hamams have these and they leave your skin soft . They are bit costly and you can also purchase them online.

Another version is Turkish Black Soap which is traditionally used in the Hammams helps in exfoliating and keeping your skin soft. This scrub can help in dead skin peel off and keeps you young.

10. Turkish Silver

So if you are interested in taking back Onyx jewelry then you are at right place. You can visit Urgup and you can find hand made pieces by artisans in Turkey. You can find good silverware in Istanbul.

If you have visited or are planning to visit Turkey then these are things that you should look out for these things in each area that you visit. In addition to exploring historical sites, shopping is another thing which Turkey is famously known as.


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