10 Best Places To Visit In Turkey

May 2, 2018

Turkey is a dazzling destination which hinges between Asia and Europe. This country is packed with rich ancient history to beautiful scenic places. Every corner of this country promises an enchanted vacation. With such a diverse option, it is very difficult to choose which city to visit. We have tried to prepare a list of 10 best places to visit in Turkey. These 10 best places are filled with history, beaches, beautiful mountains, good tasty food and what not. So get ready and pack your bags to spend a quality time in this country.


10 Best Places To Visit In Turkey

We have bought 10 best places to visit in Turkey except Istanbul for you. In this list you will find the city which is rich in history, entertainment, beaches, restaurants and what not. It was hard to select these places as every corner of Turkey is a small world in itself.


1.  Cappadocia

Cappadocia is one of the famous cities also known as “the land of beautiful horses” located in Central Anatolia. This place is also listed as one of the “World Heritage Site”. It is famous for lunar landscape and volcanic structure. These volcanic structure were formed due to volcanic activity which happened million years of ago. Early Christians used these structures also called as “fairy chimney” as hiding places for around 20,000 people.

This city provides you with plenty of entertainment things from every wake of life. You can go for hiking in the valleys and see the beautiful landscape and frescos. One of the most enthralling experience is visiting Open Air Gorem Museum which gives a glimpse of the life of the early christians. Apart from that you can also enjoy hot air balloon in early morning to have an aerial view of the city. You will also get a chance to overnight stay in one of the cave hotels and enjoy Turkish food. Check our blog Top 10 Things To Do In Cappadocia for more entertaining time in this enchanting valley.


2. Izmir

Izmir also known as Smyrna and Pearl of Aegean is a deeply cultured place. This in our opinion is one of the top places in our list of 10 best places to visit in Turkey. This has been an important Aegean port since ancient time. It is rich and fascinating which reflects the harmonious habitat for Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Levantines and Turks for many centuries. In present times, you can still see Jews and Levantine community living there and the culturally rich cuisine that is served to tourist.

Izmir has many interesting archaeological and historical sites. You will be able to witness many ruins from Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods which are spread all across the city and in the surrounding hill area. Izmir has one of the oldest bazaar which dates back to 17th century called Kemeralt.  There are many restaurants, cinemas from where you can buy local food and other things.

Ephesus (Efes) is also located at some distance from this amazing city. Here you will be able to see the remains of roads, library and many villas and temples. There is also ruins of Temple of Artemis which is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Also visit the Mary’s House that is considered to be the final home of Virgin Mary.

You can also visit to resort town and see the modern side of this town flourishing in the historical place. You will find many bars, crowded beaches with stunning view. This one city give you experience of two city thus it a bonus package in our guide of top 10 best places to visit in Turkey.


3. Pamukkale

Pamukkale is brilliant white travertine pools which gives a picturesque view of Turkey’s southwestren side. The city Pamukkale which literally mean “Cotton Castle” is also  known for preserved ruins of the Greek Roman city of Hierpolis. This wonderful city is combination of both natural and man made wonders which has qualified it as UNESCO World Heritage site. It is one of the most visited sites in Turkey.

You will be able to enjoy the warm natural hot springs and these travertine structures. Every year, many tourist from both inside and outside Turkey visit this place not only for its beauty but also for health benefits. The hot spring water is rumoured to be good for skin diseases and so is the calcium rich water in travertine pools.

You can also go on for paragliding and have an amazing view of this valley from air. You can also enjoy local food in the Turkish restaurant and can buy local artifacts from the shops in the area.

4. Antalya

Antalya is hottest destination in Turkey located on the Gulf of Antalya at the western side of Mediterranean coastline. This city has well preserved old city district  of Kaleiçi  with the restored Ottoman houses. The city is wrapped with blue mountains giving picturesque views.

It offers plenty of things for everyone from sightseeing to laying on wonderful beech. You will love the white sandy beach and private resorts in this area. The old Antalya offers many restaurants which are open till late at night and have light pop music playing in the restaurants. You can also visit one of the biggest ARchealogic museum situated in the heart of the city. Moreover, famous ruins of Aspendos and Termessos are also nearby.


5. Bodrum

Another top contender in 10 best places to visit in Turkey is Bodrum. This place is full of surprises where turquoise coastal line and ancient city is waiting to to encaptivate in Bodrum;s charm.

Bodrum has been one of the most important centers of trade, art and entertainment. It is an example of tradition and modern life living in harmony. Each year million of tourist visit its beaches, hotel, trendy restaurant and ancient town of Bodrum. This town has an elegance from castles to white plastered backstreets.

It is a historical city where Herodotus was born and is one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. It also have one of the most prestigious Underwater Archeology Museum located in newly renovated Bodrum Castle. You can visit its beautiful coastal lines and go on sea voyage through private rental boats or one of the commercial boats. You will have an opportunity to sail through Aegean Islands.

It is one of the famous hubs and you will also be able to find many eating, shopping and entertainment options. Interact with hospitable local people and enjoy your relaxed vacations.


6. Fethiye

Fethiye is one of the renowned tourist summer retreat. This place has a very rich history which is testified by the artifacts displayed in shops. Although a large part of the area was levelled to the ground in an earthquake that hit the city in 1958. This once prosperous city was a hub and major base for Turkey and Ottoman empire.

This natural harbour is a rich for not only its sea resorts but also a popular stop over for historical places. Fethiye which is home to many popular resort among European people and many have retired in this area thus living amongst the locals.

You will have a chance to enjoy picturesque coast surrounded by mountains and green forest. The water temperature in the sea does not fall below 19 ° C. It is famous for its underwater tuff caves for underwater divers.



7. Mardin

Mardin, a rich city located in Kurdish region in the southeast corner of Turkey. It shares its border with Iraq and Syria. The city is has rich mix of Kurds, Yazidis, Christians, Syrians and Turks. This city is renowned for architecture, rich history and good weather.

Here in the city you will find historic landmarks because of which the city has been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is filled with mosques, churches and madrassas.

Best places to visit are Mardin city centers, houses, churches, and town like Dara, Midyat and Hasankeyf. Especially worth seeing sight is Deyrulzaferan Monastery which one of the surviving archaeological cities in the world. Apart from the places, you will also be able to enjoy rich food like Rida kebab. There main dishes are all meaty ones. So if you like meat, you will feel at home at this place.



8. Kas

Kas is a turquoise coastline which offers beautiful beaches, great food, shopping and a lot more. You will see a great deal of Greek influence in architecture design of houses.

You will have an opportunity to walk along the harbor and enjoy the nice view. Also enjoy nice seafood available on the menu. You can also hike up to a mountain to have an incredible sunrise or sunset view all over the city.  They have good restaurant and also provide diverse budgeted trip facilities.

There is are beautiful beaches around thirty minutes drive away from the main city. One of the most visited beaches is Kaputas beach which is famous for turquoise blue water and location. You can easily get motorbike or car on rent here. We would advise you to visit the beach before 4pm to avoid crowd.


9. Sanliurfa

This pilgrimage city is in the east of Turkey which helps you to dive into Turkey’s rich culture and heritage. This place is considered to be Holy as it rumored to be a birth place of Prophet Abraham and foundation of first religion. It is also a prize win for Alexander the Great.

You will be able to witness great many ruins and archaeological sites in the surrounding countryside. The main attraction of this area is Göbeklitepe where first religious belief is set to have taken place. You will also be able to enjoy Şanlıurfa bazaar which is a reflection of true Turkish heritage. The must visit sites are Dergah Complex, Archaeology and Mosaic museum, the remains of castle on Numraid pulpit, and many more historical mosques and ruins.

It is in southeast part of Turkey which is relatively hotter place in summer. Hence we recommend you to try to adjust your timeline to visit this collection from our top 10 best places to visit in Turkey.

Van a city in Eastern Turkey is mostly known for exotic breeds of cats which inhabit around Lake Van. They are known for different colored eyes. and are fond of swiming.  Apart from that this city has deep rooted history dating back to 5000 BC and has been habitat for civilization like Uratian, Armenian, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman.

You will be able to visit the remarkable structures left by the civilization lived here. You will also find one of the largest water body in Turkey known as Van lake. Few of most picturesque places to visit here are like citadel of Van, the island of akhtamar, Holy cross church, Hosap Castle, Cavustepe and many more other things.

Pack Your Bags!!

So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and lets have an adventurous trip. Turkey has lot more to offer then the listed 10 best places to visit in Turkey. You should start your journey with Istanbul or end your journey in Istanbul. Dont miss out on this historical city. You are sure to fall in love with culture, food and hospitable people of this country.


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